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The Center for Human Nutrition Studies, a contract research organization at Utah State University has begun work to design and conduct clinical studies as part of a value generating system within USU.

The newly established CHNS, housed within the USTAR BioInnovations Center on the USU Innovation Campus, works closely with industry partners and research institutions to design and complete studies that fit within carefully controlled parameters. Using state-of-the art laboratory and clinical research space, CHNS staff design and administer research studies that adhere to strict ethics standards as approved by the Institutional Review Board at USU.

“It is our model to provide direction and intellectual engagement in the projects we design and conduct for industry and educational institutions,” said Dr. Michael Lefevre, director of the Center for Human Nutrition Studies.

Projects within CHNS include the Cache Valley AIR Study—a sponsored research study with industry partner USANA Health Sciences—which will determine if a specific nutritional supplement pack has the ability to reduce the harmful effects of atmospheric inversions with high PM2.5 pollution levels, one implementation of “Food Dudes” in the United States—a project designed to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in elementary school children, which has resulted in a 40% increase of fruit and vegetable consumption in Northern Utah populations. Other projects include the Gut Check study—a research study sponsored by the USDA intends to determine whether gut microflora levels in local populations impact overall human health and wellness.

The Center is currently engaging research partners and defining future studies. Potential partners interested in developing research studies with the Center for Human Nutrition Studies should the Director of Business Development.